We went to Gaya on September 27,in the month of shraddh according to hindu Calendar .Government also declared pind daan mela and does good arrangement for pilgrims coming from outside like parking for buses,cars,help desks,tents to sit outside temple,drinking water,mobile toilets,lots of police for management.registeration for Brahmins to perform pind daan .

According to hindu mythological story ,Sita gave pind daan to Raja Dashrath-her fatherinlaw for his moksha at Sitakund on the bank of river Falgu.There is a famous temple called vishnupaad temple on river opposite sitakund .

Brahmin charges for performing pind daan vidhi varies according to client so please fix the rate first with condition of no any extra charges.If they fix minimum of Rs 2001 including everything like puja material,brahmin’s charges ,vassals …at the end of pind daan they tactically charges more for brahm bhojan ,charges for other pujari.

It is believed that Pind daan will affect to 71 pidhi of ancestors from paternal,maternal,inlaws,helpers and also who were close to you in your life,even pets and they get moksh .

We found thousands of people doing pind daan in vishnupaad temple,on the bank of river, inside the riverbed which is mostly in dry state,sitakund and also other temples in Gaya.